About Me

Hey, there! I'm Lauren.


I'm a Chicago native (+ pizza lover), now living in Seattle! I married my blue-eyed college sweetheart, Mark, + I love the little life we have together. My days revolve around Jesus, true crime podcasts, mac n cheese, sitting in front of the fireplace, traveling the world, cookies n' cream ice cream, our dog Goose, and anything that involves an adrenaline rush. 

For me, photography is more than just giving you beautiful pictures. With me, you'll have an experience. My goal is for you to leave our shoot feeling celebrated, loved, + known...and with a little dirt on your shoes! I want your face to hurt from laughing, + your hair a little messy: all signs of an adventurous day worth remembering. 




I'm a huge fan of raw, real emotion. Stiff awkward poses aren't my jam, so shoots with me involve a lot of movement + prompts that elicit emotion, because that's what provides photos that remind us of how we felt, not just what we looked like. 


I want to give you photos that represent who you are, and what your story is. Instagram will fade; being able to share these photos with your grandkids matters so much more. When the people you love look at these photos now, and in 40 years, my hope is that your story, all the little things that make you who you are, is what shines through.


Exploring the crazy-beautiful world + capturing stories within it is what gives me life! We'll find a location that best fits who you are, + will absolutely have an adventure. This might mean getting your shoes a little dirty or your hair a little messy, but I promise it's worth it :)

sound like what you're looking for?